What Various Kinds of Dental Mouth Guards Are Available and How Can One Help Me?


For those of you out there who happen to suffer from the likes of bruxism (teeth grinding) and the likes, there are dental mouth guards which can be obtained for a variety of problems with the teeth and jaw. Mouth guards can be bought in a generic form, in a fitted form or expertly custom made by a dentist to fit perfectly over your teeth.

For those who have conditions such as teeth grinding or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a specialised kind of mouth guard may be required to help keep your jaw in alignment or protect your teeth. Most dental mouth guards are normally manufactured from plastic or acrylic and may contain a type of metal frame so as to help hold keep it in place during the night.

Designed to Safeguard a Person’s Oral Health

Dental mouth guards may be required for a number of reasons:

  • The major one is related to some type of teeth grinding.
  • Quite a lot of damage can happen to the teeth, especially if grinding occurs during the night.
  • A dental mouth guardfrom specialists in dental care in Nottingham, will substantially prohibit the teeth from rubbing against each other and aid in reducingany pressure that can cause teeth to break.
  • There are also some other examples of where a mouth guard can be used when there is a highchance of harming one’s teeth from some activity.

For sporadic daytime usage, dental mouth guards can be bought over the counter at a pharmacists’ without the need of any custom fitting to one’s mouth. This type is for temporary use to protect the teeth, and usually for things such as particular sporting activities.The much more efficientmodel that can be worn throughout the night is a kind of heat-fitted mouth guard. This sort of mouth guard has to be heated and then put into someone’s mouth until it has practically moulded itself to the shape of the teeth.

A Customised Fitting is best

And it is a fact, that ina number of cases, the chances of damage to the mouth may be so great that the mouth guard must be customised and manufactured. A dental professional will take and make a mould of a patient’s teeth and then fit themould material over it. These are certainly the best type of mouth guards as they fit perfectly over someone’s teeth and provide the best protection from teeth grinding and other kinds of damage.

There are some examples of bruxism, or compulsive biting at night, that will eventually cause a person’s jaw to become misaligned. Specialised dental mouth guards known as “bite splints” are often utilised in such cases. A special bite plate will not only stop teeth from chafing against one another at night and relievepressure in the jaw region, but can also assist in pulling one’s jaw back into alignment.

Many dentists nowadays are advising patients to take magnesium supplements to help relax muscles of people who suffer from bruxism.