Micro-Beading Hair Extensions – The Complete Hair Loss Solution for Women


Technological advances enable many medical conditions to be treated in a non-surgical way, and hair loss is no exception, with an innovative treatment that involves attaching human hair extensions to the affected area. Once a person notices they are losing more strands of hair than normal, this is the first stage in the treatment process, and before any treatment can be recommended, the underlying cause of the hair loss must first be determined.

Correct Diagnosis

There are many hair clinics that are dedicated to providing female hair replacementin Bristol, and when you bear in mind that the hair loss could be caused by a number of things, the diagnosis is critical. If, for example, a woman notices large clumps of hair on the pillow in the morning, or abnormal amounts of hair fall out when brushing, she should locate an established hair restoration clinic. If that person lives in the West, a simple online search will reveal the clinic’s whereabouts.

How it Works

Micro-beading techniques allow for human hair extensions to be carefully attached to a fine mesh, which is secured to the scalp in such a way that it will remain in position. If the hair loss is partial, then the hair extensions can be woven into the existing hair, and even if the hair loss is total, the same system can still be used with excellent results. The application is very skilled and not something that anyone could attempt, but modern hair restoration clinics are fully equipped to provide the best solutions, whatever the cause. Once the system is firmly in place, the wearer can swim, play sports and wash their hair as normal, and with some adjustments every few months, the treatment can stay in place indefinitely.

Hair Selection and Styling

When the clinic makes a recommendation, they will select the right human hair extensions, and with careful application, little by little, the extensions are woven into the mesh scalp covering, and this is done in such a way that it will stay firmly in position. Wearing a wig is very much hit and miss, and the wearer must be very careful, but with woven hair extensions, it looks and feels like your own hair and the system cannot be removed, unless by a skilled technician. When all the hair extensions are in place, the resident stylist will discuss options and when the client has decided on a particular style, the hairdresser can get to work and the finished result is always perfect.

Once the hair restoration is complete, the hair extensions are firmly in place, and due to the nature of the micro-beading technique, new hair growth is not inhibited in any way. As the new hair growth progresses, the system can be periodically adjusted, and because you can use the same hair extensions again and again, the cost of keeping the look is affordable.