I’m Losing My Hair! What Can I Do?


Nowadays, hair replacement has become a global multi-billion pound business and with more and more people wanting to look and stay younger, modern hair replacement is very much considered when somebody discovers that their hair is starting to thin.

Hair loss of itself usually comes from a hereditary condition known as “androgenic alopecia” and occurs in both males and females. This occurs when testosterone transforms into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body and then becomes a hormone that gives rise to hereditary baldness.

Modern Solutions

  • As can be clearly observed, more males are prone to losing their hair and going bald than females.
  • In most cases, should somebody realise that they are suffering from hair loss, they then wish to do something about it.
  • Hair replacement can be arrived at via three different solutions.

These are:

1 – Tonics

There are various tonics out there on the market, all of which claim to magically re-grow someone’s hair. This kind of tonic treatment is used to thicken up any areas that have thinned out and regrow one’s hair back. And even though this solution comes with a lot of hype, it still hasn’t yet been shown to be anywhere near effective.

2 – Surgical Procedures

If you’ve looked at hair transplant reviews, then you will know all about the procedure. A hair transplant is usually considered for those people out there who still have some hair growing on the sides and the back of their head.  A hair transplant is one approach of surgically replacing somebody’s lost hair by carefully and skilfully grafting pieces of scalp from the rear and sides of the head,(where hair is still growing) and then relocating it to grow hair on the bald areas.

And then there’s the more radical surgical choice for anyone who is considering the surgical method and that is what is known as a “scalp reduction”. When someone decides on a scalp reduction, the bald parts of their scalp are surgically removed by sections. The surgeon will then stretch the remaining scalp together and cover and fill in any bald areas with a piece of the scalp that still has healthy hair which remains growing on it.

3 – Non-Surgical Hair Integration

Wigs and hair pieces have been around and used by humans since the times of Ancient Egypt and Rome. Hairpieces and wigs can be easily purchased and fitted to a user’s head, and there is no need for an explanation of how a wig or hair piece works!

So, Which One is Suitable for You?

Anyone who is on the lookout for a hair loss solution will have to decide on which method of hair replacement is perfect for them. Time and money can certainly be well spent on a hair replacement solution with the most astounding results, so just make sure that your selection will work out just perfectly and how you wished it would!