What to Expect with Buttock Augmentation


Fashion changes all the time but its influence on how people perceive their bodies and the way that they want to look can’t be overstated. More and more, people are finding that they wish they had larger buttocks, with some people heading to the gym and others heading to the doctor to achieve their desired look. While it is possible to build muscle on the buttocks and therefore increase them naturally, some body types are resistant to this type of muscle building and those people may have to turn to buttock augmentation to shape and mould their bodies to their personal specifications.

Buttock Enhancement

There are two choices of how to augment your buttocks: injections and implants. Implants are more invasive and can have an unnatural look. This, paired with the longer recovery time, explains why more and more people are deciding to get injections instead. Injections look natural and cause very little scarring. It is possible to have anaesthesia for either treatment but your doctor will help you decide if that is the best option for you.


Buttock augmentation is available for women and men. Consulting with a doctor who specialises in this treatment is important to ensure that you are the right candidate and that you will get the results that you are looking for. During the consultation, the doctor will explain the procedure of buttock augmentation and answer any questions that you may have.


The procedure itself is fairly simple and easy for most people to tolerate due to the anaesthesia numbing the area and decreasing any pain. Most people only feel pressure during the procedure but it is possible to ask to be completely sedated so that you don’t even feel that. While you are numb, the doctor will inject the filler in your buttocks in order to achieve the desired results.

Care After the Procedure

There are generally very few side effects after this procedure. The more common ones include tenderness, swelling, redness, and a small amount of pain. The filler that is used for buttock augmentation is natural and in the form of a gel that is easy to inject. With the gel made of molecular structures similar to what are found naturally in your body, the likelihood of infection or of your body rejecting the injections decreases.

Most people can return to work or to exercising soon after having this treatment done. It is important to stay healthy and active so that your buttocks remain toned and strong and your treatment lasts as long as possible. Doctors can give you specific advice about care but keeping the area clean and working out to stay strong are two things that you should expect to be doing.

As buttock augmentation becomes more popular and mainstream, you may find yourself considering this treatment. If you do, just be sure to select a doctor who has experience and success in this field and is willing to show you examples of his or her work. Together, you and your doctor can sculpt your dream buttocks but after that, it’s up to you to keep up the hard work.