The Essential Ingredients of a Successful Hair Salon


For the fashion conscious woman of today, there are modern hair salons that cater for all her hair and make-up needs, and with so many establishments, all seeming to offer a similar menu, how does a woman make an informed decision? Hopefully, the contents of this article will go a long way to ensuring you know what to look for when sourcing a hair salon.

  • The Right Ambience – This is essential and while the website might give an idea, a visit is recommended. Ideally, the team would be friendly and outgoing, which creates a relaxed atmosphere and the customer is very sensitive to the overall ambience. If you live in Western Australia, one of the best hairdressers in Perth has several salons in prestigious locations, and they have a reputation for being very relaxed and customer focused. One should enjoy one’s time at such a place, and the ambience is mainly down to the personalities of those who work there, and with a bright and lively setting, you would also expect to be pampered with soft drinks or perhaps some great tea.
  • Full Range of Services – The menu should be extensive, and with several team members who each have a special skill, all the bases are covered. One might, for example, be the hair extensions star, while another shines in the make-up stakes, and with top quality products and a can do attitude, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Hair straightening is popular, so expect to see this on offer, and hair extensions would be a special that every salon should have on their list, and with the right attention to detail, the human hair extensions would closely match the client’s hair, and with clip-ons, you can switch from short to long and back again. Hair nourishing treatments are essential, and most women will book in for one every few months to counteract the damage caused by heat and chemicals.
  • Central Location – This is an establishment that you will visit often, so the right location is important, and if you live in the suburbs, for instance, most trendy salons are either tucked away in a crescent or in the central business district of the city. Travelling time should be kept to a minimum, and on the odd occasion, you might need the stylist to do a special home service, for those running late times.
  • A “Can Do” Attitude – This is perhaps the key ingredient, and armed with state of the art equipment and the best quality products, there should be nothing that is too much trouble, especially for a regular client, and once the team get to know you, they will be able to make some creative suggestions on new ideas that you might not have considered.

There are many hair salons, and like pubs, people have their favourites, and it’s only by trial and error that you can find the right establishment that ticks all of your boxes. There might be 4 or 5 salons within driving distance, and if you are lucky, one will be suitable and you can make a long term connection.