Dianabol for MEN: Suggested Dosage Cycles for Best Results


Dianabol is a very popular steroid in the bodybuilding circle. Recently, more men are working out on a daily basis. Maybe for professional reasons, or just a personal preference. Some are working out for health reasons as well. Regardless of your goals, it is important that you understand the best way to achieve these goals.

Make sure that what you are taking is safe and legal since this has been affecting the male reproductive system. This is also important to not waste your time and money on it. But before you go give the steroid a try, do your own research about the drug first. It is best if you have an idea about how it works in your body and the recommended dosage and frequency that can help you achieve your goals.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is one of the most preferred steroids that is very popular among the anabolic steroids in history. It also goes by its different names like Methandienone, Anabol, and Dbol. in the early 50’s, the United States athletes began to use this drug to gain an edge of their fellow athletes. And through the years, it became so popular that every athlete did not miss the chance of using Dianabol.

Testosterone in Dianabol

Some users ask if there is Testosterone in Dianabol since the effects are very similar to that of Testosterone. Remember that this is a highly androgenic steroid and it can promote male characteristics like protein synthesis, as well as muscle growth making it very appealing to the bodybuilders; beginners and veterans alike. However, you must understand that the steroid can cause severe virilization effects in women and also serious adverse effects on men.

The Legal Status of Dianabol

In the United States, Dianabol is considered as a controlled substance, which makes it illegal to purchase if you cannot provide a prescription. In Canada, the legalities of Dianabol is also the same as of those of the United States, the United Kingdom, as well as in Australia. This product is the most sought-after drug that most are not able to consider the side effects that it may cause, not only to their health but also to their freedom. Once caught buying or selling Dianabol in most countries, you might face a huge fine or penalty, and worse, jail time. But there are parts of the world like South America and the Middle East that are more relaxed with their drug laws.

Men and Dianabol: Is it Safe?

Like any other steroids, Dianabol for men should also be taken with extra caution since there are reports of it affecting the male reproductive system. When you misuse or overuse it, it will not be safe anymore which can cause unexpected side effects. Many bodybuilders are questioning the safety of Dianabol.  The truth? It really depends on how you use it. If it was administered appropriately and if necessary dosages and frequency of use were followed. But remember that each user’s reaction to the product will differ. So it is best to be safe all the time. Have a chat with experienced Dbol users to know what to expect.