Armor Yourself against Yeast Infection


If you ask from any sufferer of Yeast Infection you will get a superfast reply “Having yeast infection is not exactly a pleasurable experience”. It is itchy and smelly, leaving you generally uncomfortable and not to mention the social stigma that is attached to it. However, being a rather unpredictable disease, it is very hard to steer clear of it. What makes it even worse is that it can be a recurring condition; so getting yeast infection once is by no means an assurance that you will never have it again.

What causes yeast infection in the first place? The condition can be brought about by a lot of factors ‘ pregnancy, a high sugar diet, steroid, oral contraceptive or antibiotic use, and douching, to name a few. The items may seem unrelated at first glance. However, if you put more thought into it, you would see a common thread: All the factors somehow contribute to the creation of an environment that is suitable for the overgrowth of yeast cells.

So, how does one prevent this from happening over and over again? Here are a few easy tips on armoring yourself against yeast infection:

Regularly wash of your vaginal area preferably with a feminine wash that has a slightly acidic pH. The naturally acidic environment of the vagina keeps the normal flora in check.

Thoroughly dry your vaginal area, as well as elsewhere, before getting dressed after a shower. Microorganisms love a moist environment.

Wear panties made of cotton rather than spandex. Cotton allows air to flow through the area more freely, keeping it from becoming too sweaty.

Always wipe with a front to back motion after using the toilet. Doing it the other way around would only bring bacteria from the anal area to your vagina and urethra. This has also been known to cause urinary tract infections.

Use antibiotics only when needed. Antibiotics may wipe out colonies of beneficial bacteria aside from the harmful ones, leaving the causative organism for yeast infection (which is Candida albicans) to proliferate uncontrollably.

If you are using oral contraceptives and have been experiencing recurrent episodes of yeast infection, consult your doctor because you may need to switch to another brand or adopt an entirely different method for contraception.

Include foods that contain a high amount of beneficial bacteria in your diet, like yogurt and fermented food. Drinking cranberry juice also helps.

Sounds simple enough, right? These tips will definitely keep yeast infection at bay. So say goodbye to the itchies and smellies and say hello to a cleaner, more comfortable you!

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